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Anti-HCV Rapid Test Kits

One-Step HCV Test and DOT HCV Test Kits

HCV Testing Devices Introduction

HCV rapid test kits, also known as one-step HCV tests, are a quick assay to qualitatively detect antibodies to hepatitis C Virus (anti-HCV) in human serum or plasma. Hepatitis-C rapid test kits are based on the principle of double antigen sandwich immunoassay. Another HCV testing device, i.e. DOT HCV tests are based on the principle of inter-second antibody enzyme immunoassay. Both these two anti-HCV test kits use purified recombinant HCV antigens to identify hepatitis-C antibody with high sensitivity and specificity. And both these hepatitis C testing devices are used as an aid in the diagnosis of Hepatitis C infection.

Hepatitis C is a liver disease caused by the hepatitis C virus. Most infected persons develop chronic, long-term Hepatitis C and are at risk for cirrhosis (scarring of the liver) and liver failure. Hepatitis C accounts for nearly 8,000-10,000 deaths each year, and is regarded as amont the most serious disease of the six detectable hepatitis disease. This means that screening test should be performed with some people who have much more vulnerable to hepatitis-C infection.

About the Hepatitis-C Testing Result

With these HCV antibody test devices, if positive results are shown, this may mean any of the following:

  1. the testee has a short-term infection and will get better on their own (15%);
  2. the testee has a long-term infection and is at risk for developing cirrhosis or liver cancer later in life;
  3. the infection has resolved (the person was infected in the past but is no longer infected);
  4. that the test was incorrect (a false positive result). 

The only way that a person with a positive test can know if he/she is currently infected is to have a follow-up medical evaluation and blood test under the administration of a physician.

  • Rapid HCV test kits are highly sensitive and specific;
  • It takes 3-20 minutes to be sure with HCV diagnostic tests;
  • The one step HCV tests need no other reagents;
  • Qualitative HCV testing results are read visually without any instrument.
Hepatitis C antibody Rapid Test Devices    

Catalog No.

Product Name


Performance Characteristics

Reading time

Storage Condition

Shelf Time

HCV 271

Anti-HCV Strip

1 Test/Pack
100 Packs/Outer

Sensitivity: 99.0%
Specificity: 99.0%

Wait 10-20 minutes and read result.
Do not read results after 30 minutes.

Room Temperature

24 Months

HCV 272

Anti-HCV Cassette

1 Test/Pack
25 Packs/Outer

HCV 273

MT HCV Test Kit (Whole Blood)

100 tests/box

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