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ELISA Test Kits
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ELISA Testing Kits for Blood Bank Screening Tests    

ELISA Test Kits

3822 EIA Test Kits for Professional Use

ELISA Test kits, also known as EIA test kits, are Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays for qualitative detection of antigens or antibodies to specific viruses in human serum or plasma specimen. As the third geration of IVD test devices, ELISA Screening kits are highly sensitive and specific. With EIA machines, such as Microplate Reader, Microplate Washer, Coagulation Analyzer, or Fully Automatic Chemistry Analyzer, EIA testing kits are ideal for mass diagnosis. As a result EIA Screening kits are widely used in professional IVD test settings such as Blood Bank Screening test and mass clinical test.

  ELISA Testing Kits for Blood Bank EIA Tests    

ELISA testing kits principle goes like this: the assay process involves one-step incubation or two-step incubation treatment depending on the technique of the specific kits; if the tested specimen contains antigen or antibody to the specific virus the ELISA kits intended to test, specific "Antibody-antigen-antibody sandwich immunocomplex" or "Antigen-Antibody-Antigen sandwich immunocomplex" will form, and with treatments of reagents enlcosed in the ELISA kits, a yellow line will appear on the test region, indicating a positive result. If there is no antigen or antibody in the specimen, the well color will remain unchanged. Thus positive or a negative results can be read with chemical reader.

  • Blood Bank ELISA reagent kits are used for screening blood donors;
  • ELISA Screening kits are suitable for testing large numbers of samples, particularly in blood testing centers, blood banks;
  • ELISA testing kits are inherently highly sensitive and specific;
  • EIA kits are intended for In-Vitro use only and for Professional Use only.

Atlas Link Biotech are supplying the following ELISA testing kits: Anti-HCV ELISA kits, Anti-HIV ELISA kits, Anti-syphilis ELISA kits, and HBV ELISA testing kits (HBsAg ELISA kits, HBsAb ELISA kits, HBcAb ELISA Kits, HBeAg ELISA kits and HBeAb ELISA kits). We would like to offer quality ELISA kits at competitive prices.

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