Rapid Test and ELISA Kit Brief

Rapid test kits and ELISA reagent kits, based on the priciple of antibody and antigen reaction (immunology), are conributing to the promoting and maitaining of human health conditions. Considering that an estimated 60% to 70% of healthcare and clinical decision is based on IVD testing results, such as IVD disease diagnostics and health status testing, IVD medical diagnostic testing represents a cornerstone of human health promotion and maintenance. And this IVD testing devices market is still under the process of expanding.

Rapid test kits and ELISA reagent kits are the two categories of IVD diagnostic kits that Atlas Link Biotech Group is providing. One-step rapid tests are lateral-flow assays used for antibody detection or antigen detection, or chemical compound detection, which represent a well-established and appropriate technology for a variety of point-of-care (POC) and field-use applications. ELISA kits are suitable for mass diagnostic screening testing, such as blood donors screening at blood banks.

NOVAtest® Medical Diagnostic Test Kits Introduction

As an international certification of CE0123, ISO13485 and FDA registered manufacturer of medical diagnostic test devices, with affiliated companies in USA and IVD diagnostic technology backing from USA and Canada, Atlas Link Biotech is supplying the world maket with qulity testing devices such as CE rapid test strips, cassettes and multi-panels, as well as ELISA kits. Atlas Link Biotech has rapidly grown into a significant worldwide supplier of medical testing kits, which include:

  • Fertility Rapid Testing Kits
  • Infectious diseases Rapid Test Kits
  • STD (sexually transmitted disease) Rapid Test Kits
  • Tumor Marker Cancer Detection devices
  • Urinalysis strips
  • Drugs of abuse (DOA) Screening Test Kits. and
  • ELISA Reagent Kits.

OEM Services with IVD Testing Devices

While providing the rapid and ELISA clinical test kits, we also offer value added services such as OEM and private package designing and manufacturing, supplying testing accessories, ect. This value added services are to facilitate your purchasing effort and make Atlas Link Biotech your one-stop shop for IVD testing kits. Our specially tailored services will help you to promote your rapid testing kits in your biz realm.